Rapid Innovation & Experimentation

The adoption of agile, flexible, and accelerated approaches to developing and testing new technologies, strategies, and tactics.

Defence organisations are under immense pressure to innovate and remain relevant in the face of constant digital transformation. Create a secure environment where employees feel comfortable taking risks, trying new ideas, and being creative, while creating a culture that fosters experimentation, learns from failures, and moves on quickly.

We provide you with the tools and environments to accelerate innovation through experimentation and collaboration

Technology Innovation

Rapid innovation means expediting the development and implementation of new defence-related technologies to maintain a competitive edge.


Rapid innovation often involves creating prototypes and proof-of-concept models to test new ideas and concepts quickly. These prototypes allow for hands-on evaluation of new technologies before full-scale production or implementation.

Agile Acquisition

Traditional defence procurement processes can be slow and cumbersome. Rapid innovation calls for more agile acquisition processes that facilitate the acquisition and integration of new technologies.

Experimentation and Testing

Defence agencies regularly conduct experiments and tests to evaluate the performance of new strategies, tactics, and equipment. These experiments provide real-world data to inform decision making and refine approaches.

Adaptive Strategies

Rapid innovation encourages defence organisations to adapt their strategies and tactics swiftly based on lessons learned from real-world operations and exercises. This adaptability is crucial in responding to evolving threats and geopolitical developments.

Cross-Domain Integration

Rapid innovation focuses on integrating capabilities across security domains to create a comprehensive and responsive collaborative posture.


Defence systems and technologies must be interoperable with allies and coalition partners. Rapid innovation seeks to ensure compatibility and interoperability to enhance collective defence capabilities.

Cybersecurity Innovation

With the increasing reliance on networked and digital technologies, rapid innovation is vital in developing robust cybersecurity measures and staying ahead of cyber threats.

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