SecureCloud+ are a trusted service delivery partner within the defence industry, as well as the public sector. We are a rapidly growing SME with a proven reputation for the efficient, successful delivery of secure information technology solutions at all government security classifications.


Our customers in defence and the public sector require secure collaboration and communication services that give them access to secure networks, resources and applications. At SecureCloud+, we embrace the growing and fluctuating changes and demands that digital transformation and technology bring, and deliver these innovative solutions as end-to-end managed services.

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Requirement Driven Innovation

With our specialist teams of motivated, committed people, we find ways in which we can leverage demanding security requirements with innovative solutions that greatly benefit our customers. We understand that change is inevitable and constant, so that requires us to be flexible and responsive. SecureCloud+ are always looking for ways to improve the value we deliver to our customers where quality does not slip.


We recognise that we would not be able to do what we do without our customers and partners. We take the element of trust very seriously and establishing that trust with our customers and partners remains a top priority, as each one of them plays a role in our mutual success. Trust builds reputation, and reputation builds current and future business, customer loyalty and satisfaction.


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