Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy – SecureCloud+

1. Introduction

A cookie isn’t just a delicious snack. A cookie is also a small text file stored by websites and other online applications on your device. This helps a website or app to remember useful information about you.

SecureCloud+ uses cookies and similar technologies to deliver better user experiences across our websites, products, and services. Cookies play a significant role in facilitating tasks such as creating a SecureCloud+ account and tracking website usage to improve the overall user experience.

2. What We Use Cookies For

We use cookies for various reasons depending on the purpose of a particular web page or online application. Some cookies used for analytics and performance tracking may be provided by third parties.

2.1 The Type of Information We Can Collect with Cookies:

Cookies allow us to collect information to better understand how people interact with our websites and other online applications. Some of the information we collect includes:

  • Your IP address
  • Your physical location
  • The type of web browser and device you are using
  • How you found our website(s)
  • How long you stay on our website(s) and which pages you visit

2.2 Examples of How We Use Cookies:

  • Storing settings and preferences: Cookies save your user settings in our apps and web pages, such as your preferred language or default camera and microphone settings.
  • Sign-in/authentication: Encrypted cookies store your unique user ID, eliminating the need to sign in on every page once logged in.
  • Security: Cookies may be used to detect fraud or suspicious activities on our websites, products, and services.
  • Saving information you provide us: Cookies store information you provide, such as products or services added to a new order.
  • Digital advertising: Cookies help us understand our audience’s online interests and activities, allowing us to provide more relevant information and content in our online advertising.
  • Insight and analytics: Cookies collect performance data on how people interact with our websites, helping us improve our products and business operations.

3. Cookies Used on SecureCloud+ Websites

We use cookies to enhance the user experience on our public websites. When you visit our website for the first time, you will be notified about our use of cookies and given the option to accept our use of cookie tracking. You can use our website without accepting, but this may limit your user experience and access to our content and information.

4. Cookies Used by SecureCloud+ Products and Services

By creating and activating a SecureCloud+ account, you agree to our use of cookies as described in this Cookie Policy and our terms of service. SecureCloud+ and our affiliated partners use cookies and similar technologies to personalize your experience when you log in and use our online services and applications. As a guest user, you will have the choice to accept or decline our use of cookies, though some user settings and preferences may not be saved if you decline.

While SecureCloud+ may use information collected by cookies on our marketing and advertising services, we will never sell this information to third parties.

5. Setting Your Cookie Preferences for Your Web Browser

You have the option to disable cookies for all websites through your web browser’s settings. Most browsers accept cookie tracking by default, so if you wish to disable it, please check your settings to ensure it’s disabled if required. Please be aware that certain features and functionality may be unavailable for SecureCloud+ products and services if you disable cookie tracking since they rely on cookies to work. If you choose to delete or disable cookies, you may need to re-enter previously saved preferences and settings.

  • Disabling cookie tracking can usually be found in your web browser’s default settings (Settings/Advanced Settings > Privacy & Security).
  • Each web browser has its own privacy and cookie settings, so refer to the specific browser’s user guides or help documentation for detailed instructions.
  • Disabling cookies in one browser will not disable cookies when using another web browser since each browser has its own settings.

6. Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Cookie Policy, please contact us.