Situational Awareness Anywhere

Decision-makers are faced with growing amounts of raw information from multiple trusted and untrusted sources. SecureCloud+ develop solutions to digest, visualise and disseminate this information securely in real-time, to turn raw data into actionable intelligence.

Enhancing Situational Awareness

In the defence and security sectors, accessing, visualising, and digesting time-sensitive information is challenging. In the defence sector, cross-classification issues mean a limit on the number of locations accessing this data.


While the volumes of available data vary, seeing it clearly or getting it to the right place is continuously difficult. Particularly, if geospatially-dispersed parties need to present and interpret the data simultaneously, turn it into actionable intelligence and make well-informed decisions. A single version of the truth is vital to the success of any given operation.


SecureCloud+ support defence clients by presenting all of the available information in a clear and coherent and manner. Decision-makers can then securely access this information regardless of physical location. Data from different sources is fused and visualised together to provide actionable information, to grasp a complete picture of the current and future situation. This data is presented and trusted as the single version of the truth, simultaneously providing all participants with accurate information in real-time.


Cyber Situational Awareness

SecureCloud+ develop solutions for the MoD, defence and public sectors that help protect their critical operational network infrastructure. The presence of advanced, undetectable cyber security threats is growing, both in the UK and overseas. These threats are highly varied, adaptable and can range from the opportunistic to the highly-sophisticated and persistent.


SecureCloud+ continue to leverage our solution capabilities with the growing threat landscape and our customers’ evolving needs and requirements to protect their infrastructure, while thoroughly assessing these threats’ severity (using cyber situational awareness and analysis).


We help keep our customers’ data and information uncompromised, while providing them with a collaborative digital platform of tools and systems, to allow maximum flexibility and elasticity. Data can be visualised, analysed and disseminated in real-time, with the platforms built to the size and functionality of the customer demand.

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Shared Situational Awareness

SecureCloud+ support the MoD and their industry partners by providing collaborative workspaces, where they can share (in real-time) multi-sourced, fused intelligence of known (trusted) and open source (untrusted) formats. This intelligence can subsequently be processed, visualised and disseminated. Our solutions allow for enhanced shared visualisation and fusion of data, as well as secure content dissemination, across multiple domain gateways and regardless of geographical location.


Assessing data and information digitally is harmonised, structured and consistently secure, with each digital space configured and integrated to specific security classification.


SecureCloud+ help clients to establish transparent chains of evidence, with each organisation having the facility to analyse, interpret and exploit data to both mobile and nomadic users.

Advanced Mobility Service

Using controlled and managed mobile devices such as a smartphones, tablets or laptops, users can access secure digital workspaces and classified IT systems from anywhere at anytime enabling heightened collaboration between remote working or mobile and fixed parties.

The collaboration environment provides secure access through user-specific workspaces to applications, data and communications (voice, video and email) across secure isolated networks or High-Grade encrypted internet links.

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