Secure Defence Collaboration

SecureCloud+ are a trusted provider of secure communication and collaboration services for the defence and government sectors.

Modern defence programmes need to deliver faster against rapidly changing and developing requirements, necessitating an innovative and agile approach. Travelling for face-to-face meetings is time-consuming, costly and unpractical. With COVID-19, organisations must adapt to new, collaborative ways of working to maintain productivity and security.

Network Collaboration

SecureCloud+ deliver the capability of forefront commercial collaboration solutions while adhering to clients’ demanding security requirements and saving time, costs and improving productivity.


We provide a Single Information Environment to allow clients with demanding security requirements to collaborate on remote, digital workspaces. Sensitive information, including SECRET, can be shared to multiple nomadic users, improving critical decision making.

Defence Collaboration and Communication

Our Secure Defence Collaboration services enable the customer to - ​

  • Share and visualise data​
  • Make secure voice and video calls​
  • Hold effective virtual meetings ​
  • Collaborate with geographically dispersed groups ​
  • Work across disparate networks​
  • Operate securely up to SECRET

User Benefits

  • Geographically dispersed parties can hold effective virtual briefings.
  • Accreditable up to ABOVE-SECRET.
  • Users can remotely access secure environments from home or when mobile.​
  • Secure voice/video calls and conferences.
  • All participants can actively contribute to ongoing projects.​
  • Sensitive documents can be shared across disparate domains and across security classifications.
  • Data from multiple trusted and untrusted sources can be visualised simultaneously.
  • Significant savings in travel and subsistence costs.

We offer secure communication and collaboration solutions to ensure all clients experience cutting-edge technologies without compromising their security demands.

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