Mission Operational Command – MOCaaS

In deployed environments, informed decision-making at an operational level is crucial to the success of any mission. SecureCloud+ deliver Mission Operational Command as a Service, fusing data from multiple sources to form a single version of the truth.

Mission Command

SecureCloud+ fuse multiple sources of known (trusted) and open (untrusted) information to ensure effective decision-making by Commanders, in a structured and harmonised manner.


Through a combination of network-enabled capabilities and shared situational awareness, SecureCloud+ provide digital workspaces and collaboration environments to enable strategic, intuitive means of sharing and exchanging information. We can deploy these secure information systems at various security classification levels, including at TOP SECRET. Whichever classification our customers require, we can deploy MOCaaS solutions to suit their needs and requirements.




  • Independent CIS capabilities.
  • Deployed and mobile network connectivity (via any bearer of opportunity).
  • Virtualised services are shared, thereby reducing deployment footprint.
  • Systems delivered in highly-resistant units suitable for harsh environments.
  • Handles large volumes of government security-classified SECRET data.
  • Can be automated with other applications, including collaborative working and file storage.
  • Fully managed, end-to-end service delivery.


  • Supports collaboration and decision-making through live feeds.
  • Enables rapid reaction to changing environments.
  • Processes are fully audited, managed and checked.
  • Service is delivered pre-configured, thereby reducing deployment time.
  • Efficient modular design, which brings costs down.
  • Improved customer experience with accelerated technology and app availability.
  • Uses modern lightweight COTS technology.