Integrated Value Proposition

Our Mission

SecureCloud+ bring the tools, techniques and technology that are enabling digital transformation across the globe to the secure Defence and Government sector. That ranges from secure communication – with voice calls and video conferences - through to using applications that are increasingly engineered to be cloud-native, and therefore difficult to bring into a highly secure air-gapped environment.

Your Mission

The Defence and Public Sector industry demand constant innovation to match increased competition and advancing technologies. COVID-19 has exposed those organisations that lacked the adaptability to thrive in an agile world. Digital Transformation is a journey required for any organisation looking to have a competitive advantage.

The Four Pillars of Digital Transformation

To achieve Digital Transformation, organisations must build their four pillars:

Organisational Change

Before revolutionising the infrastructure of any organisation, they must first embrace the culture of a digital organisation. Perfecting the methodology ensures more accuracy, speed, agility and productivity with their new technologies.


New technology such as IoT, artificial intelligence and the ability to acquire and analyse data in new ways offers huge potential for change, insights and advantage.


Digitalisation relies on the data which the organisation understands and can access as quickly as possible.


New data, insights and processing means ways of working can change – automating, guiding and improving what is done with the assistance of technology and data


SecureCloud+ Enable Digital Transformation 

SecureCloud+ are enablers of digital transformation. We provide a platform for clients to achieve digital transformation with our history of secure managed services. SecureCloud+ have the experience in delivering accredited solutions to customers with demanding security requirements and the subject matter expertise to solve customer problems. 

Our propositions align with your challenges:


Secure Defence Collaboration enables organisations to work collaboratively, across the UK, no matter the security classification.

Situational Awareness Anywhere ensures clients can make integral decision-making, based on the entire operational picture.

Secure Data-Driven Decision-Making delivers a platform for organisations to become a fully data-driven, smarter business.

The SecureCloud+ Integrated Value Proposition supports our clients' journey through digital transformation. We deliver solutions to your most demanding problems, by helping to embed a culture of change through various technological and evolutionary means.

Complete your journey with our Integrated Value Proposition