Requirement Driven Innovation

SecureCloud+ are a trusted service partner within the defence and public sectors. We have a proven track record of delivering innovative, secure, end-to-end managed IT solutions where quality is integral, the service is fit for purpose and represents value for money.

SecureCloud+ offer innovative solutions as a managed service, ensuring that public sector and defence customers, including the Ministry of Defence (MOD), have rapid and reliable access to their secure networks whilst still adhering to demanding security requirements. By using specialist teams, we integrate our innovative technology with legacy systems.

Our goal is to establish new ways of working for our customers, that improve productivity, efficiency and reduce costs.

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Secure Defence Collaboration

Ensuring clients with demanding security requirements can collaborate effectively and efficiently on sensitive data up to TOP SECRET. SecureCloud+ deliver a secure collaboration service for geographically and organisationally-dispersed teams in the UK and overseas. 


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Situational Awareness Anywhere

SecureCloud+ deliver a solution to optimise decision-making, by fusing data from disparate sources and security classifications into a Single Information Environment (SIE). The SIE allows users to access, visualise and digest the information in real-time, transforming raw data into actionable intelligence.


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Data Intelligence and Insight

We provide industry-leading digital asset management solutions, allowing our defence and public sector customers (regardless of geographical location) access to digital simulation environments. Time-sensitive and mission-critical data can be analysed and actioned seamlessly and quickly.


High-Security and Accredited Solution
Development Services


Mission Operational Command as a Service

Mission Operational Command as a Service (MOCaaS) is a scalable solution providing secure access to mission-critical infrastructure regardless of geographical location. SecureCloud+ delivers strategic, easy sharing and exchanging of information in safe, classified network infrastructure, tailored to the MOD and industry partners’ operational needs and requirements.

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Secure Digital Transformation Programme Delivery

Organisations that deploy people across numerous geographical locations require a reliable, flexible and accredited cloud network which can integrate comfortably into their existing systems. SecureCloud+ have the experience to develop cutting-edge secure communication and collaboration services that support our customers’ enterprise-grade connectivity, which will remain uncompromised against cyber threats, as well as accessible from various devices.



Read about how SC+ enable the MOD to securely collaborate with Industry partners on the Team TEMPEST programme.


SC+ delivered a Digital Learning Collaboration Service for training audiences across the Joint Force.


SC+ implemented a List-X Facility Security Clearance to safeguard UK classified material held by the client.


SecureCloud+ provided a secure communication and collaboration environment to the UK Space Agency, including an Application Hosting Environment.


SC+ provided an agile team of subject matter experts to design, build and migrate multiple single tenancies onto a multi-tenanted platform incorporating legacy and innovative application services for the MoD.


SC+ delivered a Networked Collaboration Service to enhance situational awareness and informed decision-making.


The solution enabled the handling and identification of cyber vulnerabilities of classified networks employed by the MoD & OGDs.

MMIS Secure Working From Home

The Managed Mobile Information Service (MMIS) enables users to securely access data from a registered personal IT device anywhere, at any time.


Read about the ABOVE SECRET private cloud, delivered to support training in the AIRSEEKER programme.


SC+ provided Air Command with an immersive multi-domain digital workspace for C2.