Secure Remote Collaboration

SecureCloud+’s Advanced Mobility Service provides remote, secure access to user-specific workspaces from a user's registered personal device. These remote, digital workspaces and applications can be accessed from an entity’s designated infrastructure, ranging from official UK Government networks to the internet.

Remote Collaboration Services

SecureCloud+ offer controlled and managed mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops, ensuring users can access secure digital workspaces and classified IT systems regardless of their geographical location. This enables heightened and more immersive collaboration between remote working, mobile users and fixed parties.

The managed environment provides fully secure access through user-specific workspaces to applications, data and communications (voice, video and email) across isolated networks or high-grade encrypted internet links.

close up programmer man hand (employee) typing computer language (binary code) to input on security system to protect and prevent malware (virus) for cyber security concept

This managed, mobile service provides users with a single-platform digital workspace, which is accessible from geographically-dispersed locations. Systems are accredited to a specific government classification (OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE), where users are authorised to access sensitive information when logging into their personal digital devices. The secure, remote accreditation ensures adherence to security requirements, while they can continue to work efficiently and productively on their network.

SecureCloud+ offer clients the ease of using standard technology and interfaces, at their specific government security classification.

Advanced Mobility, Flexible and Secure Access

With many people constantly on-the-move and working remotely, they are regularly prohibited from accessing information or secure workspaces. Using an off-premise device does not always guarantee immediate access to secure systems, servers and data, much less that which is not available outside of a secure infrastructure.


This often means that personnel working in the defence and government sectors are restricted to a single static device to work from. SecureCloud+ develop sophisticated, secure and accredited solutions which give nomadic and stationary users the ability to collaborate and communicate in a secure, remote infrastructure. These solutions are designed to allow users to collaborate in real-time, avoiding delays and disruptions to data analysis, dissemination, and action.

SecureCloud+ leverage their technological expertise with secure collaboration solutions to provide an end-to-end managed service that alleviates time sensitivity issues and delayed decision-making.

With mobile solutions from SecureCloud+, users are provided with a managed device, exclusive to a person’s identity that gives them remote access to enterprise-level networks and securely-connected workspaces. These devices are provided at an OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE level, with access granted to modern iOS, Android or Windows operating systems, which are user-friendly.





  • To provide immediate access to secure infrastructure from a remote location.
  • To give verified users access to UK Government G Cloud and other secure networks.
  • To offer a managed service via Mobile Device Management (MDM) and SIEM.


  • It provides dual-persona, application-defined and securely-connected workspaces.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.
  • Secure authentication via one-touch biometrics.
  • It is accredited to BIL3 and connection to RLI, PSN, N3 and GCF.
  • Identity-based device policy for access to enterprise-level networks.
  • Various office automation tools and managed app catalogue.


  • No need for internal IT resources thanks to this fully-managed service.
  • Use of technology and products that are familiar to most people.
  • Secures data at rest and in transit, thereby reducing risks.
  • End-to-end service management, with logistics and support readily available worldwide.
  • Scalable to meet organisational demands and requirements.


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MMIS Secure Working From Home

The Managed Mobile Information Service (MMIS) enables users to securely access data from a registered personal IT device anywhere, at any time.


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