Secure Digital Workspace

The Secure Digital Workspace solution functions as a multi-enclave and multi-compartment controlled information-sharing environment. These collaborative environments allow for the long and short-term storage and retrieval of sensitive information up to ABOVE-SECRET government security classifications.


This sensitive data includes files, images and metadata.

Closed user groups can access virtual desktop environments, allowing for secure collaboration and access, editing, and saving high-grade, sensitive information securely. These Single Information Environments (SIEs) provide secure access to applications, data and communications (voice, video and email). Each of these allocated workspaces operates as a protected folder drop-zone for content sharing, content editing and content dissemination. All of this can be done while ensuring multiple layers of separation between geographically-dispersed users and the accredited collaboration workspace.

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

SecureCloud+’s Secure Digital Workspaces enable the Ministry of Defence (MoD), public sector and defence contractors to procure secure solutions for their information management needs.

Our secure and flexible solutions provide customers with the ability to collaborate and communicate on mission-critical information in a single remote environment. These secure platforms comprise the appropriate network infrastructure to allow departments to action intelligence proactively and efficiently. Users can be authenticated and authorised remotely, having been granted access from a centrally-controlled location.

Defence and Government-Accredited Cloud Services

The UK Government G-Cloud framework is a procurement framework for identified services. These secure services enable SecureCloud+ to offer secure delivery services up to Impact Level 3. These services are underpinned by resilient cloud infrastructure, disaster recovery, accreditation of applications, software solutions and service access systems, through our comprehensive, secure digital workspaces.


SecureCloud+ provide secure information systems – classified at OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE to TOP SECRET – as a managed service. These services, coupled with our other products and services such as Secure Remote Collaboration and Interactive Shared Visualisation help the MoD and defence contractors collaborate with one another, share information as actionable intelligence and make mission-critical decisions, through an individually-configured, robust, secure network.