Interactive Shared Visualisation

Interactive Shared Visualisation provides defence and public sector organisations with a multi-classification, collaborative architecture, formerly known as a Networked Collaboration Service.

This architecture enables and enhances the secure, remote collaboration between parties regardless of their geographical location. SecureCloud+ deliver Interactive Shared Visualisation solutions as a managed service, which can be securely configured at OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE to SECRET classifications over various domains, so parties using that collaborative workspace can pass and share information in real-time.

What is Interactive Shared Visualisation?

The Interactive Shared Visualisation solution reduces the need for frequent, expensive meetings held in secure locations to ensure sensitive information is kept confidential. This solution alleviates that problem by enabling multiple parties to participate in productive, immersive online briefings in a single collaborative environment. Geographically-dispersed users can connect to one of SecureCloud+’s secure information systems simultaneously, to view a single version of the truth, in both static and deployed environments. These solutions are accredited to various government classifications.


This accredited, scalable service is designed to ease the collaboration of resources, information and data between entities and organisations. Each Interactive Shared Visualisation solution is scalable to enable multiple nomadic users to collaborate in real-time, aiding and facilitating mission-critical decision-making processes. It also serves to help organisations share and receive information from various sources, and subsequently achieve a single version of the truth, and deliver said information into actionable intelligence going forward.

Shot of Multiple Personal Computer Monitors Showing Coding Language Program with System Monitoring Interface. In the Background Data Center with Server Racks.

Secure Information Environment (SIE)

These collaboration environments act as a virtual, intuitive collaboration space for defence and public sector customers that rely on secure architecture to action intelligence efficiently and proactively.

These solutions bring parties together, regardless of geographical location, into one government-classified, single-platform, virtual environment. These solutions encourage sharing spatial data and information (of varying security levels), which can be analysed and interpreted collaboratively as if said entities were in the same vicinity.

These secure communication and collaboration solutions enable the fast, efficient and timely exploitation of critical data, to be disseminated as actionable intelligence. These solutions help SecureCloud+’s customers save time, cost, and resources by allowing multiple nomadic users to collaborate in real-time, where they can quickly and efficiently action digital intelligence.

Secure Network Collaboration

SecureCloud+ have delivered secure, managed network collaboration services to defence and government organisations over the past several years.

This includes the Team Tempest programme, an integral element of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) combat air strategy. SecureCloud+ was contracted to deliver a Classified-level data exchange environment, which could be deployed at ten different Team Tempest locations, across both the MoD and industry partners.

This solution ensures each entity - in their own location, with their individual NCS - is collaborating with one another seamlessly and effectively. This, therefore, enables parties to research, review, discover and save information in real-time, across various geographical locations, without having to be face-to-face.

Please refer to our Team Tempest customer page for more information.





  • Aid collaborative decision-making.
  • Allow organisations to share information across datasets, workspaces, channels and security classifications.
  • Disseminate information into actionable intelligence.
  • Provide a single version of the truth.


  • Integrates seamlessly with various static and mobile devices.
  • Simultaneous sharing and displaying of live content from different inputs.
  • End-to-end managed service, with worldwide logistics and support available.
  • Scalable and contains numerous different display options.
  • Integrates with video-conferencing tools, live content streams and inputs including social media feeds, public service broadcasts and more.


  • Capture key decision points and live information in real-time.
  • Make critical decisions with up-to-date, readily available information directly in front of you.
  • Available from public and private sources.
  • Accelerated user competency and less training requirements, due to intuitive technology.
  • Reliable, secure and classified at a set level.
  • Fully-managed service removes the demand for internal IT resources.
  • Increases productivity, facilitating collaboration through shared space and information.
  • Removes the need to pass and share information in the same physical location.
  • Information can be deployed to nomadic users in various ways.


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MMIS Secure Working From Home

The Managed Mobile Information Service (MMIS) enables users to securely access data from a registered personal IT device anywhere, at any time.


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