Cross-Domain Gateway Services

SecureCloud+ provide end-to-end managed cloud services for government agencies, security contractors and the Ministry of Defence (MoD). All deployed services offer customers secure infrastructure accessible across disparate security domains.

Our Cross-Domain Gateway Services involve fusing two different siloed networks together harmoniously. These gateway solutions ensure secure files, data and sensitive information can be seamlessly and quickly shared across other systems and into SIEs (Secure Information Environments) where users can collaborate in single workspaces at a specific government classification level.

Flexible Collaboration


SecureCloud+ help defence and public sector organisations collaborate seamlessly and efficiently in completely secure network infrastructures. Different organisations and industry partners have varying security domains, and our solutions allow for efficient cross-domain interoperability between corporate and defence systems and the collaboration environment. The flexible interoperability also allows for international collaboration between colleagues in defence and public sector organisations.


SecureCloud+’s Cross-Domain Gateway Services allows our customers to:


  • Connect seamlessly into secure, remote digital workspaces.
  • Collaborate with multiple other agencies and companies from several static and mobile devices.
  • Reap the benefits of secure bidirectional data flow and migration.
  • Communicate through secure, geospatially-dispersed networks.
  • Secure-browse facilities across multiple domains and segregated networks.

Security Classification Clearance

SecureCloud+ can deploy private cloud services to the following government classification levels:





All these scalable services are accredited, fully-managed and end-to-end, delivering a scalable Cross-Domain Gateway Service based on a chosen classification level.


SecureCloud+ enable high-grade classified information - such as SUKEO and NATO S - sharing between geographically-dispersed networks, through encrypted bearers. These bearers provide the ability to rapidly import and export large volumes of structured or unstructured data.


All data flow is controlled via credential and redaction mechanisms, assuring the confidentiality and integrity of data in transit, therefore decreasing the chances and severity of cyber security threats.


These services can be integrated with existing, legacy services, which saves our customers the task of undertaking extensive operational training.

Digital Solutions for Military and Defence

Leveraging the latest data visualisation and orchestration tools, these cross-domain solutions can be deployed at the security level an organisation requires. They can all be individually designed to be accessed anywhere, from command centres to combat outposts.

Secure information does not need to be manually delivered. SecureCloud+ delivers solutions that allow customers to secure interoperability between equal or differing classified networks. In the form of single digital workspaces, these solutions allow for instant data visualisation, analysis and dissemination, where crucial and mission-critical decisions can be made.