Multi-Domain Data Fusion

SecureCloud+ deliver innovative, modernised military Command and Control (C2) communication and information systems to help the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and security operators retain a consistent, stable and secure solution.

Command and Control (C2)

Turning raw, unstructured data - from trustworthy and untrustworthy sources - into actionable intelligence is a crucial challenge for intelligence operations. Often, complicated scenarios require immediate, decisive reactions to unpredictable events. Operational Command demands cohesive and complete situational awareness to enhance their judgement.


Not to mention the growing number of complex and rapidly-changing environments for military operations. Defence contractors need to utilise secure and reliable solutions which span the entire operational spectrum. These security systems must allow for cross-security domain interoperability, shared situational awareness and integrate seamlessly with existing legacy systems.

C2 Strategic Communications

Multi-Source, Multi-Network Data Fusion solutions from SecureCloud+ deliver a single version of the truth. Data is integrated and fused from multiple sources and across different security domain gateways, empowering and enabling operational teams to respond to complex and unpredictable scenarios through complex data analysis and dissemination.

Smart Male IT Programer Working on Desktop Green Mock-up Screen Computer in Data Center System Control Room. Team of Young Professionals Programming Sophisticated Code

SecureCloud+’s Multi-Source Data Fusion services allow organisations to thoroughly and comprehensively analyse the digital thread. User groups can visualise, analyse and disseminate real-time and historical data to exploit an information advantage over adversaries. The strategic communications solution is designed to optimise decision-making and ease command procedures.

Fully-integrated Command and Control (C2) systems are essential for protecting infrastructure facilities and ensuring consistent, smooth operations. These secure information systems need to provide military operators with transparent, reliable information, and for them to be able to assess the situation of their sites, both during normal operations and emergencies.

SecureCloud+ help Command and Control centres with the following tasks:

  • Data acquisition
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Data visualisation
  • Access control
  • Biometric integration
  • Logistical readiness
  • Intrusion detection
  • Information storage and retrieval
  • Secure collaboration workspaces
  • Cloud computing

Strategic Collaborative Solutions

SecureCloud+’s services are scalable and geared towards supporting UK military and defence operations on land, at sea and in the air. Our services extend to organisations who require assistance at every stage of the Command and Control operations lifecycle.

This allows organisations to discover and geospatially link patterns, relationships and trends, as well as record analytical processes. This can then be used to trigger an audit following an investigation, to determine mission-critical decisions that have to be taken.


Key elements associated with Command and Control processes can be visualised and developed using SecureCloud+’s systems. They are designed to help organisations obtain, store and fuse data sets at various classification levels (from ABOVE SECRET to SUKEO) and in various environments (fixed and deployed), which can be rendered geospatially to enable organisations to make critical decisions in a matter of minutes.