Managed Security and Intelligence Services

Defence, government, and public sector organisations require the capability to collaborate securely while increasing productivity and reducing operational costs. Their complex security demands frequently cause challenges for off-the-shelf products.


SecureCloud+ specialise in solutions for defence and public sector customers with demanding security requirements. Each scalable solution is delivered as an end-to-end managed service, with a specific design tailored to each customer. Each solution is designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs and remain secure at the desired government security classification level.

Interactive Shared Visualisation

NCS is available from OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE up to TOP SECRET, over multiple secure domains. This collaboration service is scalable and designed to enable advanced, real-time collaboration, delivered into static or deployed environments.

Interactive Shared Visualisation provides immersive, multi-classification, collaborative architecture based upon content streaming. This scalable service is designed to facilitate the fusion of physical/virtual information and intelligence required for efficient Command and Control (C2) decision-making and the creation of a Single Information Environment (SIE). This service supports static and deployed environments at the security classification levels of OFFICIAL, SECRET and TOP SECRET.

Secure Remote Collaboration (Advanced Mobility Service)

Our Advanced Mobility Service is an OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE managed service which enables secure access and collaborative working from fixed and mobile devices. Integrating seamlessly with modern, off-the-shelf operating systems (including Windows, iOS and Android), this provides end-users with access to trusted applications, data and external gateway intranet services to UK Government G-Cloud, anytime and anywhere.

close up programmer man hand (employee) typing computer language (binary code) to input on security system to protect and prevent malware (virus) for cyber security concept
Shot of Multiple Personal Computer Monitors Showing Coding Language Program with System Monitoring Interface. In the Background Data Center with Server Racks.

Secure Digital Workspace

Secure workspaces are accredited, fully-managed, classified infrastructure services that deliver secure applications, virtual working and managed support from a scalable, customised solution. These services are available at OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE, SECRET and TOP SECRET levels, and can integrate with existing legacy systems.

Cross-Domain Gateway Services

Information, files and data can be shared seamlessly and securely across disparate security domains. With cross-security domain interoperability, public sector and MoD systems can integrate with a secure collaboration environment, allowing for bidirectional data flow and migration between disparate segregated networks.

Modern interior of server room in datacenter

Multi-Domain Data Fusion

SecureCloud+ deliver secure intelligence analysis and dissemination solutions which fuse data from trusted and untrusted sources, converting it into actionable intelligence. In response to unpredictable events, Operational Command requires complete situational awareness to enhance their judgment, respond to scenarios and make critical decisions.