National Armed Forces Day 2024

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National Armed Forces Day this year takes place on Saturday 29th of June. It’s a day dedicated to showcasing the nation’s support for those who make up the UK Armed Forces community – from serving personnel to reservists, cadets, veterans and their families.

There are over two million veterans in the UK, a number which includes those who leave the armed forces each year including both those who reach the age of retirement and the end of their service careers, and those who leave for other reasons – the latter categorised as Voluntary Outflow.


Transitioning to Civilian Life

According to publicly available British Government service personnel data, across both trained and untrained UK Regular Forces the number of leavers was 16,140 in the 12 months to 31 December 2023. However, VO was the most common reason for leaving with Trained (RN/RM & RAF) and Trade Trained (Army), accounting for 61.0 per cent of the total number of leavers in the 12 months to 31 December 2023.

There is no single reason why personnel leave on Voluntary Outflow, however, personnel who completed the Armed Forces Continuous Attitude Survey indicate reasons for leaving the Armed Forces include the impact of service life on their family and personal lives and also the attraction of opportunities that exist in commercial life outside the Armed Forces.

The majority of those leaving – even in retirement – are of working age, usually highly skilled and attuned to the demands that their former employer has in terms of technology, equipment, attitude, focus and ethos. They leave, therefore, preparing to start the search for the next step in their civilian career often after many years of dedicated service, but uniquely qualified without perhaps recognising their value in the civilian market.


A Qualified Network

This growing population of trained and motivated personnel creates both an enormous opportunity for organisations striving to elevate the experience and expertise of their workforce coupled with an opportunity for military-trained experts to make an easy transition into civilian employment, working with like-minded people who share the same ethos and a similar employment background.

A recent guide created by the UK Government revealed that 92% of working-age veterans have qualifications that are 60% more likely to have been achieved through practical work, compared to 43% of non-veterans.

At SecureCloud+, we’ve welcomed into our team senior officers, pilots, technical specialists and a wide range of other trade-trained and trained veterans, alongside professionals with national security and defence industry backgrounds. We see and understand the benefits of actively seeking to integrate the values and expertise of this community into our company.


Teamwork and Collaboration

Military service instils a strong sense of leadership in individuals, empowering them to make critical decisions under pressure and lead teams effectively. Whether it’s organising troops in combat or managing complex land-, sea- or air-based operations, veterans possess the leadership qualities necessary to drive commercial success.

Collaboration is also an essential skill developed in the military, where individuals must work seamlessly together to achieve common goals. No matter how long their service may have been, former service personnel bring a deep understanding of teamwork, which benefits the commercial world: creating a cooperative environment where employees support each other and work towards shared organisational objectives.

Veterans’ ability to communicate effectively, delegate tasks, and resolve conflict contributes to a positive work culture. Combining this with enhanced adaptability, developed by the constant change and uncertainty of military life, means individuals are able to adapt quickly to new environments and challenges. This diverse range of skills allows veterans to add tremendous value across multiple lines of business, further demonstrating the benefit attached to hiring former service personnel.


Supporting the Transition

Several initiatives have been created to support military personnel transitioning from active service to working within the civilian sector. The Career Transition Partnership (CTP), created by the Ministry of Defence is designed to assist those leaving the service for their first two years, connecting them to employers, assisting with the creation of documents such as CVs and providing practice interview sessions for those unused to the way corporate organisations conduct business.

Schemes such as the CTP and Defence Relationship Management help develop veterans’ skills to give them the best possible start to ensure a seamless career transition. This relationship between the Government, organisations and individuals helps service personnel to maximise their contribution to society and allows all of us to benefit from their unique diverse experiences.

As a company, SecureCloud+ is very aware of the specific needs and benefits that members of the Armed Forces have and offer when they finish their service careers. We offer a corporate ‘home’ that values experience and understands the expertise and experience which personnel carry with them. If you are a member of the Armed Forces community, or have had experience in the national defence and security industries, and are looking for your next role, our door is always open.