SecureCloud+ recognised as Best Performing Company

The Company were recognised as The Best Performing Company in Data and Hosting Services at the Megabutye100 Awards. The Megabuyte100 awards brings together collective excellence of the leading companies in the UK tech sector. The anticipated event took place at the 8 Northumberland Avenue in London.

A team from SecureCloud+ attended the event which saw several awards in six different categories which covered ICT sectors. Due to the outstanding performance of the company in the last 12 months, the awards alumni recognised the Company’s ongoing growth. The winning companies were determined by their Megabutye Scoring systems.

‘’We are delighted to be recognised as one of the Best Performing Companies by Megabutye. As the Company grows, we will continue to leverage technological advances in Cloud Services, Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning to deliver modern ways of working,’’ Says Peter Williamson, Founder of SecureCloud+.

SecureCloud+ continue to deliver managed services at all tiers of the government’s IT security classification system, including TOP SECRET. Receiving this award, amongst a wide selection of diverse innovative companies is a testament to the company’s vision to be an industry leader in secure managed ICT services.