Gurkha Vaccinations in Reading


SecureCloud+ are dedicated to helping the local Gurkha Community in Reading, including sending out care packages before Christmas. SecureCloud+ offered their services to aid the Gurkha Community with the COVID-19 vaccination process.

At the start, because of language difficulties, there was some confusion from the Gurkha Community about how they should respond to invitations sent to them both by the NHS, which asked them to attend vaccination centres and GP texts and letters inviting them to their surgery, so they sometimes arrived in the wrong place at the wrong time.  However, NHS staff were able to guide them so that eventually all eligible Gurkhas were given their first vaccination.

One of the problems was that NHS guidance notes provided were in a form of Nepali which the community did not find easy to read and understand. In order to avoid further problems with the second booster jab, Chandra Burathoki SSAFA Reading case worker and Bhanu Burathoki SSAFA volunteer teacher, have written and are distributing a new leaflet guide, using the form of Nepali language which the local Community can understand easily giving them clear instructions about how to book the booster vaccination and attend the clinic.

The new guide was designed and printed for SSAFA and the Gurkha Community by local Reading company SecureCloud+. Below is a comment from the local Gurkha Community in Reading -

This was another wonderful gesture by a local company to encourage and help people to get through these trying times. Reading as a whole has consistently welcomed and supported the Gurkha Community, and the Community would like to take this opportunity to give its sincere thanks for the welcome and assistance which it has received, and particularly during the pandemic.”