Ex JV16 (Joint Venture 2016)

joint-ventureThe Joint Forces Command (MoD’s high readiness Joint Expeditionary Force Headquarters) training exercise, Joint Venture 16, is underway at RAF St Mawgan and SecureCloud+ are once again honoured to be a part of this increasingly vital event.

SecureCloud+ has partnered with BT within a “Headquarters of the Future” to demonstrate their NCS (Networked Collaboration Service) which is already operational in PJHQ. Throughout the exercise MOD has been able to observe and use the capabilities within the deployed HQ and witness for themselves how the SecureCloud NCS enables improved “real time” collaboration, shared situational awareness and an ability to work securely with local and remote resources.

Over the course of the Exercise, a large number of distinguished visitors have seen the positive impact that NCS has within a deployed HQ and have been impressed by its capabilities and potential to improve deployed capabilities.