Combat Stress & SecureCloud+

combat stress event secure cloud plusOn Remembrance Day, 11th November (1800 -2000), we are hosting an art show at the Art Café in sunny Whitchurch-on-Thames in aid of Combat Stress, the Veterans’ mental health charity and our charity of choice.

For many veterans receiving treatment from Combat Stress, Art therapy and Occupational Therapy are a key part of recovery.  Art Therapy is a clinical treatment that combines creative expression with reflective discussion to encourage change. Things that can be hard to put into words like emotions or body sensations can find expression through art.

Occupational Therapy helps people deal with and recover from physical and mental stress and also injury and illness. Occupational Therapy does this by focusing on daily occupations and helps to achieve a good balance between work, self-care and play.

If you want to find out more about attending this event, please visit our website: Combat Stress

Alternatively, if your struggling to attend you can make a “phantom appearance” by donating £5 to this worth cause at: JustGiving Page for SecureCloud+ Art22