Berkshire Brigands Rugby Club

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The Brigands are just another rugby team at Reading RFC, they are not a disability team. Players are not classified by physical, intellectual or mental disabilities or barriers. It is a team open to anyone who wants to play regular full contact rugby… for rugby’s sake.

SecureCloud+ are avid supporters of the Berkshire Brigands Mixed Ability rugby club. One of our sales team, Tom Lushington, volunteers as a coach every Thursday and highlighted the great work to SecureCloud+. Working alongside a number of other volunteers, they enable the training and inclusion of those players that have Learning Disabilities, Autism or Mental Health needs at the Berkshire Brigands Rugby Club.

Especially after the impact of COVID-19, restoring social interactions and outdoor activities is vital for the community. The weekly rugby club is both a great way to get regular exercise while creating long-lasting relationships. Berkshire Brigands have created a wonderful local community within the team, eating meals together in their free time.

Last weekend, they played their first competitive fixture against the Surrey Chargers. This was an important step in the club’s growth and hopefully many more fixtures are on the way…

Peter Williamson, CEO of SecureCloud+, was delighted to present the new playing kit to Colin Stonehouse and Craig Hunter, two cornerstones at the club.

Roger Finals