SecureCloud+ is Central to the Border Force Live Immersive Area

Security & Policing is a Home Office event in its 30th year which attracts a mixed audience of attendees from Border Agencies, Law Enforcement and Emergency Services to demonstrate shared situational awareness and inter-agency collaboration with innovative technology from SecureCloud+ and other organisations.

We are proud to have been awarded the prime position within this year’s LIVE IMMERSIVE AREA.  This area will address the need for insight into the complexities of multi-agency collaboration in counter-terrorism, prohibited goods, human trafficking and security of our borders.

Visit us: Live Immersive Area or stand E68.

The need to maximise information sharing and cooperation across all departments, organisations and agencies is vital in combating modern-day challenges.  To experience first-hand how our technologies and services increase security and productivity, visit us in the Live Immersive Area or stand E68.

All visitors are subject to Home Office approval.  Possession of security clearance does not guarantee entrance to the event so please register here.