SecureCloud+ were approached by a multi-site organisation under the MoD that focuses on intelligence gathering and exploitation, as well as Surveillance capability training. The client provides multiple agencies with mission critical information from air, land and maritime assets. The air station is also home to a state-of-the-art training facility, which prepares students with resources and toolsets based on real-life scenarios.


The client had a major issue, which was the lack of integration between student and toolsets, as there were disparate and fragmented environments, which were not conducive to an efficient training strategy. The client ran their internal training on several disparate and poorly supported systems. They made use of a small Local Area Network (LAN) and a variety of classified desktops, which were not fit for purpose and out of service and support. All their hardware needed to be replaced, driven by the looming Windows XP retiral date, and heavily influenced by a distinct lack of functionality.


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"This service delivers an accredited ABOVE SECRET private cloud to support LTLAN as part of the AIRSEEKER programme"


  • A secure language training facility
  • Secure IMPEX of mission training data and secure data storage
  • Fully assured and MOD accredited system ensuring Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of data
  • Systems to be accredited by MOD’s Defence Assurance and Information Security’s (DAIS) organisation
  • Asset management of standalone devices
  • Cyber Security - Improve capability to detect and respond to previously unknown cyber-attacks, pre and post cyber incident analysis
  • Scalable and robust architecture which enhances current technology and processes
  • Continual service improvement of devices to aid their operations as well as routine updates
  • DV cleared personnel for onsite callouts within minimal response time
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SecureCloud+ were contracted to design, build and support an isolated, secure classified network and a Language Training Local Area Network (LTLAN) for Royal Air Force users to conduct training activities and gain valuable learning experience. This service delivers an accredited ABOVE SECRET private cloud to support LTLAN as part of the AIRSEEKER programme. LTLAN is a system accredited to import, store and process data classified up to TS STRAP. The system provides access for users utilising zero client endpoints to connect to a virtual Windows Desktop hosted securely within the private cloud. This solution allows the secure IMPEX of mission training data to be ingested by the facility. Each desktop provides access to standard office automation software, as well as specialised linguistics software suites.

  • Fully assured and MOD DAIS accredited system
  • DV cleared personnel for onsite callouts within appropriate short response times
  • Resilient and secure training environment enabling first class training opportunities
  • Fully managed service removes the demand on internal IT resources
  • Modern system that facilitates flexible learning centric activities
  • Efficiency multiplies through improvements in data access, exploitation and sharing
  • Reduced nights-out-of-bed (NooB), as students remain on site completing courses
  • Financially efficient as capabilities scale in-line with user/operational demands
  • Ability to display training data on to large screens in multiple classrooms
  • Agile/scalable and repeatable deployment of applications reducing lengthy acceptance testing
  • Support for enterprise workloads underpinned by a dependable service
  • Reduce tasks such as compute deployment, configuration, patching and rebooting
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The service ensured that Defence Users were supplied with an environment to conduct training scenarios and gain valuable experience with creative tools, to achieve the maximum requirements of training objectives and criteria. All within the confines of a specialised, virtual and secure on-site Training Suite.


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SC+ delivered a Digital Learning Collaboration Service for training audiences across the Joint Force.


SC+ implemented a List-X Facility Security Clearance to safeguard UK classified material held by the client.


SecureCloud+ provided a secure communication and collaboration environment to the UK Space Agency, including an Application Hosting Environment.


SC+ delivered a Networked Collaboration Service to enhance situational awareness and informed decision-making.


The solution enabled the handling and identification of cyber vulnerabilities of classified networks employed by the MoD & OGDs.

MMIS Secure Working From Home

The Managed Mobile Information Service (MMIS) enables users to securely access data from a registered personal IT device anywhere, at any time.


Read about the ABOVE SECRET private cloud, delivered to support training in the AIRSEEKER programme.


SC+ provided Air Command with an immersive multi-domain digital workspace for C2.

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