Through the DASA Defence People Challenge, SecureCloud+ was contracted to deliver a collaboration service that would vastly improve the communication and collaboration within departments and sites whilst integrating legacy systems. The expected result would increase productivity whilst reducing costs.


SecureCloud+ and No. 22 Training Group developed a vision to integrate capabilities currently used across various training environments which had been developed in relative isolation. As part of the collective training directive there was and is, a need to deliver an integrated and intelligent capability for training audiences across the Joint Force.


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Proof of Concept

The No.22 Training Group and principally the SOCRATES team had been tasked to transform Defence training across all forces to deliver better training to more people, in less time and at a reduced cost.


The specific challenges were:


  • Reduce the need to travel and therefore reduce costs
  • Enchanced learning for all users
  • Engaging, collaborative and interactive




The Networked Collaboration Service (NCS) provided by SecureCloud+ and already accredited within the MOD is provided as a scalable end to end managed service.


The service fuses together multiple sources (class or unclass) from multiple locations delivering a visually immersive and collaborative environment. Users can access, contribute and share information regardless of their geographical location.


By overlaying the NCS with one of the MOD’s live virtual learning environments (VLE) LEARN and ingesting other training material and live feeds we were able to provide a Digital Learning Collaboration Service at No 1. Radio School, RAF Cosford.

The Digital Learning Collaboration Service delivers an enhanced training environment which empowers instructors to train more people, for less money. The service also allows students to attend training establishments nearer to their current units or learn remotely in situ therefore remaining operational at key times.

  • Training teams/students can take an active role in live sessions
  • Participants/instructors can view, share, add and interact regardless of their geographical location
  • Utilise the full capabilities of the service by using various devices such as workstations, smart phones and tablets
  • Improved collaboration with teachers, students, specialist trainers as well as other departments and organisations therefore increasing productivity
  • Effective distribution of training materials
  • Blending information derived from existing systems protects previous IT investments
  • Ongoing training content is stored securely
  • Reduces the need and costs involved in traveling to a single location
  • Ability to connect to disparate systems
  • Live recording of learning material to create content for digital repository
  • Utilising legacy systems therefore saving money
  • AR/VR integration with existing simulated training and current virtual learning environments, will provide an enhance learning experience without the need to travel to multiple locations
  • Deployable throughout the Joint Forces
  • Ease of access to the digital learning repository
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The Digital Learning Collaboration Service is an innovative solution blending long established programmes that use technologies such as Microsoft Office or VLE with current and traditional material/technologies such as VTC, online streaming, live recordings and AR/VR integration into a virtual learning environment – accessible from desktops, tablets and smartphones in geographically dispersed locations.


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SC+ delivered a Digital Learning Collaboration Service for training audiences across the Joint Force.


SC+ implemented a List-X Facility Security Clearance to safeguard UK classified material held by the client.


SecureCloud+ provided a secure communication and collaboration environment to the UK Space Agency, including an Application Hosting Environment.


SC+ provided an agile team of subject matter experts to design, build and migrate multiple single tenancies onto a multi-tenanted platform incorporating legacy and innovative application services for the MoD.


SC+ delivered a Networked Collaboration Service to enhance situational awareness and informed decision-making.


The solution enabled the handling and identification of cyber vulnerabilities of classified networks employed by the MoD & OGDs.

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