SecureCloud+ was approached by Air Command to deliver a secure accredited platform which would fuse multiple existing feeds in real time across multiple classifications, to best enable operational planning and execution within the Air Operations Cell. This would allow mission critical information to be securely ingested, manipulated and shared – optimising tempo and decision making.

Due to the operational demands for Air Command, the service needed to be innovative and offer a collaborative immersive experience to facilitate improvements in efficiency and participation, whilst helping to reduce and control risk to their IT infrastructure. The client required the service to be scalable for multi-site expansion to align with operational demand.


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The client’s responsibilities required them to constantly adapt and manage operations across many environments.

Information from multiple sources needed to be shared from classified and unclassified inputs, satisfying the desire to have a single version of the truth. The client used a huge amount of data across disparate sources, to conduct critical operations effectively which needed to be collated through a more focused and integrated approach to optimise and accelerate the decision-making process.


  • A solution capable of information delivery on site and in real time securely.
  • Users need to visualise information quickly and easily from disparate sources across different government security classifications providing a single version of the truth
  • Fully MOD accredited service ensuring Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability
  • Real-time Decision Making and Shared Situational Awareness through a multi-feed, fused solution
  • An intuitive, user-friendly solution to communicate classified information to approved users
  • A robust and scalable service with the option to expand to align with operational demand
  • Mounting volumes of opensource and other data needed to be processed into usable information that can derive fused, actionable Intelligence and accelerate the decision-making process

"SecureCloud+ provided Air Command with the Networked Collaboration Service (NCS) - delivering a secure collaborative environment which enables an immersive multi domain, up to SECRET workspace."

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SecureCloud+ provided Air Command with a Networked Collaboration Service (NCS) - delivering a secure collaborative environment which enables an immersive multi-domain workspace. This service achieved a single version of the truth across their operations, enabling effective and efficient decision making and intuitive dashboard analysis.



  • Fully accredited classified environment
  • Data evolution accelerating the decision-making process
  • End-to-End Managed Service with SecureCloud+ assuming appropriate Authority risk
  • Immersive, intuitive and interactive experience through modern digital visuals
  • Exploitation of crossclassification collaboration within a single workspace
  • Increased Situational Awareness – the NCS providing a clear picture of events, enabling better decisions in real time
  • Support Mechanism that establishes a Single Point of Contact, enabling increased speed of issue resolution and positive customer relationships
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SecureCloud+ brought immediate value to Air Command by providing them with a high-tech NCS facilitating a multi-domain, appropriately classified, immersive Single Information Environment workspace. The fully accredited multi-feed solution was delivered swiftly to enable users, teams and departments to achieve a single version of the truth. Air Command benefitted hugely from automated and intuitive information distribution, enabling harmonious working across their operations.


The implementation of the NCS provided Air Command with a userfriendly, designed-for-purpose, readily adaptable and scalable service, which improved their productivity through effective collaboration across their organisations.


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