SecureCloud+ were engaged by a large Telco Defence Prime to design and deliver a common multi-tenanted platform which would have the capability to support multiple contracts in the most cost-effective way. Additionally, the platform will offer collaboration to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) at multiple security classifications up to and including SECRET.

The Telco Prime operates largely on the flow of information which has been a key factor to their delivery of critical Defence infrastructures. They operate across the world, utilising information to enable their customers to make optimal decisions.

Due to their international stature, they maintain high-level results in the Defence sector, helping their customers to meet their organisational demands.


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The Telco Prime was at a competitive disadvantage due to the time and resource required to build a new platform within a critical deadline

Historically, the Telco’s approach to their Business and Operations management of the organisational contracts had been a bespoke ring-fenced solution each time, costing significant time, resource and budget

Having worked on a solution internally for 18 months, they were unable to deliver a design that would meet the Defence requirements

"SecureCloud+ provided an agile experienced team which included skilled Subject Matter Experts to design and implement a multi-tenanted platform."


project herring case study

The Client required an end-to-end managed service which would be accompanied by an implementation plan and operation manuals. The Telco also required the supplier to build, configure and test the platform through to service delivery.


Additional requirements were:


  • Adherence to MOD standards, policies and processes
  • A seamless multi-tenanted platform which would support multiple contracts
  • Connectivity with the MOD, enabling real-time interactions and knowledge sharing
  • A fully assured and MOD accredited system ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability
  • Capability to operate at OFFICIALSENSTIVE as well as at SECRET
  • A team of agile experienced architects and engineers to design and build a platform to meet their requirements
  • Subject Matter Experts in emerging and specialist technologies (such as NSX, BMC Remedy)
  • Efficiency in implementing the platform within a critical timeline
  • The scalability to accommodate existing designs and kit into the HLD, LLD and implementation plans




SecureCloud+ provided an agile experienced team, including relevant Subject Matter Experts, to design and implement a multi-tenanted platform. The platform was designed by capturing requirements within multiple workshops and by incorporating and expanding on the Client’s internal part completed High level design (HLD) and Low-Level Design (LLD).

SecureCloud+ worked within the client’s budget and critical timeline to deliver a platform to meet their requirements, making use of previously purchased software and hardware thus making significant cost savings.

  • Fully operational seamless platform delivered within a critical timeline, complying with the Defence requirement
  • Enables real-time interactions and knowledge sharing, increasing efficiency and productivity
  • A fully accredited and classified service in adherence to MOD standards ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability
  • Operational at OFFICIAL -SENSITIVE and SECRET
  • Ability to on-board multiple tenants onto the platform increasing organisational efficiency
  • Reduced bid costs for future contracts resulting in a more advantageous position when compared to competitors
  • Increased competitivity in their market share due to the successful implementation of the platform
  • Utilisation of legacy systems, purchases and designs which save time and money
  • End-to-end solution delivered within budget and on time
  • A consistent agile team of Subject Matter Experts advising throughout the project
project herring case study 2

SecureCloud+’s implementation of an end-to-end managed service provided the client a cost-effective service which accelerated their operational demands.SecureCloud+ developed a strategic forward-looking partnership with the Telco Prime, delivering a multi-tenanted platform which increased productivity and provided significant cost savings for future contract bidding. SecureCloud+ demonstrated their ability to manage large projects, protect secure networks and deliver a solution on time and within budget.


Subsequently, the Telco engaged with SecureCloud+ to discuss an extension to their existing contract to begin on-boarding multiple tenants.


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