SecureCloud+ was approached by an IT solutions provider who works closely with the MOD. The client specialises in delivering technical support to Government, the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) as well as demanding Regulatory and Compliance environments.

The client has experienced exponential growth over the years, taking on complex projects with high-security requirements. Due to their growth, the IT Company had outgrown their outdated workspaces and were looking to expand into a new space for its own operations due to increased workload demands from the MOD.


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Due to the nature of their work, they are required to have a List X facility that can safeguard UK classified material held by Industry, in support of a Government contract. Following the move to a new facility, our client realised that the workspace they moved to could not provide secure facilities for internal/external users to securely work on joint projects with the MOD.

It was vital for the client to have a facility that would have the capacity to work at the MOD standard of SECRET otherwise, it would put their projects at risk of cyber-attacks from threat actors.


  • Fully assured and accredited MOD facility that ensures Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability
  • A facility that can securely store, process and manufacture material designated SECRET and above
  • A modernised workspace to enable the workforce to work cohesively without clutter
  • Numerous requirement driven package options to suit all office environments, board rooms, meetings rooms etc
  • Seamless collaboration using common interface, while incorporating legacy systems/ platforms across all partners
  • Real-Time immersive and interactive team working, creating a Single Information Environment

"SecureCloud+ implemented a List X Facility Security Clearance to safeguard UK classified material held by the client"

Altanis & Asterix 2


To comply with MOD regulations, the facility was assessed internally by SC+ and MOD inspectors to ensure that it was in adherence to their standards. To enable the client to collaborate with other MOD projects, SecureCloud+ implemented a List X Facility Security Clearance to safeguard UK classified material held by the client, in support of their joint projects with the MOD.


This allowed them and their contractors to securely store, process and manufacture material designated across multiple classifications up to SECRET on their own premises rather than a government facility.


To ensure confidentiality, new partitions were formed into offices, meeting rooms and comms room including a List X facility which required a special construction to fulfil the level of security needed.

Asterix Solution

To support their visualisation and information dissemination requirements, SecureCloud+ provided the Network Collaboration Service (NCS). This enabled the client to collaborate with dispersed users on a secure network. Decision making is aided by fusing multiple sources.



  • A High-security facility that can securely store, process and manufacture material designated SECRET and above
  • Ability to work at SECRET in high-level rooms to ensure confidentiality and mitigate the risk to National Security and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)
  • Modernised workspace which aided in collaboration and enabled clutter-free working
  • Secure server rooms which ensured clarity over cyber infrastructure
  • Interoperability with other departments, units and deployed systems reduces cost and increases productivity
  • Fused Intelligence from multiple networks can be shared, managed and subsequently briefed downwards
  • End to end managed service to include installation of all building services requirements
  • Fixed and nomadic users are physically and cognitively immersed in their work, where teams’ critical open source/ classified content and data is visually accessible regardless of the user’s location
Altanis & Asterix 1b

SecureCloud+ provided a state-of-the-art secure facility which enabled the client to hold information at SECRET. With SC+’s adherence to MOD standards, policies, and processes, they were able to provide the client with an environment to collaborate securely with the MOD.


This, in turn, gave our client maximised capabilities to ensure their projects with the MOD were fully operational. The service provided has removed unnecessary constraints and barriers in sharing, communicating, and saving information across multiple sites and at the highest Government security classification.


Following the installation, the result achieved was the understanding of new optimal ways of working in a secure environment.


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SC+ delivered a Digital Learning Collaboration Service for training audiences across the Joint Force.


SC+ implemented a List-X Facility Security Clearance to safeguard UK classified material held by the client.


SecureCloud+ provided a secure communication and collaboration environment to the UK Space Agency, including an Application Hosting Environment.


SC+ provided an agile team of subject matter experts to design, build and migrate multiple single tenancies onto a multi-tenanted platform incorporating legacy and innovative application services for the MoD.


SC+ delivered a Networked Collaboration Service to enhance situational awareness and informed decision-making.


The solution enabled the handling and identification of cyber vulnerabilities of classified networks employed by the MoD & OGDs.

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