Tailored Data Centre Solutions: Your Freedom to Choose

Providing you with the tools to achieve efficient, flexible, and secure data management.

Key Features of SecureCloud+ Data Centre Solutions:


Why choose SecureCloud+ for Data Centre Hosting?

Renowned for efficient, flexible data management, we enhance mission-critical operations with advanced solutions, offering inclusive, scalable colocation services in a world-class data centre.

We understand that every transformation journey is unique, which is why we provide our valued customers freedom.

Our hosting service is equipped with enhanced features, that are not only user-friendly but also come with a robust framework, providing access to highly efficient data centre solutions. With accreditation at all security levels and flexible contract terms, this platform serves as a gateway to transformative possibilities.

Whether you’re optimising legacy technology, migrating from an existing supplier, re-platforming onto innovative technologies, or taking the first step towards the cloud, our adaptable framework empowers you to slash operating costs while boosting operational availability, resilience, and security.

From single rack to unlimited capacity—tailored precisely to your needs—this platform offers the freedom to choose. Under the Cabinet Office framework agreement, you can seamlessly access data centre facilities, inter-data centre connectivity, additional cabling, remote hands services, and comprehensive dashboard reporting from day one.

No matter the transformation you’re envisioning, we pledge to deliver optimal solutions tailored to your current needs, with the adaptability and freedom of choice to propel you into tomorrow.

Your transformative journey starts right here.

The leading provider of Secure Defence Collaboration services to the UK Defence and National Security communities.

We have three areas of expertise, each with a Cyber Resilience foundation:

Secure Defence Collaboration

We combine best in class technology to create an environment that empowers individuals to work together cohesively, whatever their location or who they work for.

By fostering trust, promoting innovation, and providing timely information, the technology ensures that the people who use it can collectively achieve more than they would in silos.

Data Driven Decision Making

A combination of advanced analytics tools, data integration, secure communication systems, and skilled personnel to help Defence make more informed decisions.

Implemented correctly, it will lead to improved strategic outcomes, operational efficiency, and overall effectiveness in addressing complex challenges.

Rapid Innovation & Experimentation

Defence organisations are under immense pressure to innovate and remain relevant in the face of constant digital transformation.

Creating a secure environment where employees feel comfortable taking risks, trying new ideas, and being creative, while creating a culture that fosters experimentation, learns from failures, and moves on quickly.

We do some really cool things for our customers.

We just can’t tell you about them in public…