Team Tempest

Team Tempest is a UK partnership which brings the Ministry of Defence and industry partners together, to generate advanced technical air combat capabilities.

Future Combat Air Strategy

The Ministry of Defence partners with significant defence contractors such as BAE Systems, MBDA alongside the Royal Air Force to develop the Team Tempest programme. Team Tempest is the UK’s next-generation combat aircraft.

SecureCloud+ have provided a Secure Defence Collaboration solution to bring these organisations together to share and disseminate information prudent to developing the MoD’s future combat air strategy and capabilities.

SecureCloud+ provide a shared visualisation environment to each organisation involved with Team Tempest. These remote, secure networked collaboration services (NCS) are developed at SECRET security classification levels. SecureCloud+ have designed, integrated and managed numerous secure collaboration projects to help the MoD define and deliver its desired future combat air capabilities.

Secure Defence Collaboration

Team Tempest industry partners utilise SecureCloud+’s Combat Air Secure Network (CASNet) solution for interoperability, collaboration and intelligence sharing, across numerous Team Tempest locations.


These geographically-dispersed organisations include (though is not limited to):


Ensuring the Future of UK Air Capabilities

In July 2018, SecureCloud+ were contracted to deliver collaborative data exchange environments for Team Tempest partners, at a SECRET level. These secure digital workspaces enable multi-party collaboration and interoperability across different security domains throughout the UK. With our Cross-Domain Gateway Services, Team Tempest partners can collaborate on projects securely, through integrated, unified communications.


CASNet was launched as a fully-accredited, secure Wide Area Network, by SecureCloud+ in numerous locations. Each location includes an integrated shared visualisation solution (otherwise known as our Networked Collaboration Service). These provide organisations with an immersive, innovative and secure collaboration environment, which integrates seamlessly with each industry partner’s existing systems. SecureCloud+’s enterprise-grade technology solutions give each company a unique, collaborative interface to exchange data, manage content and make critical decisions.

SecureCloud+ help geographically-dispersed Team Tempest organisations continue to fuse, analyse and action information and data across multiple sources and networks.


SecureCloud+ leverage the power of digital innovation, remote collaboration and secure communication. All systems are MoD-accredited, compliant and secure at all government classification levels. We provide customers with seamless and intuitive collaborative tools, without compromising information security, confidentiality and time sensitivity. These solutions embrace digital transformation and are always looking for ways to facilitate and accommodate technological advancements.