Defence Contractors

Defence companies, that work alongside the Ministry of Defence, provide a wealth of services and solutions to maintain and improve the UK’s national security efforts to protect their assets, people, infrastructure and resources.

Air, Land and Cyber Defence


Defence suppliers need secure collaborative capabilities to deliver their enterprise-grade, mission-critical services worldwide to the MoD and other customers.

SecureCloud+ support the MoD by providing secure defence systems where they can collaborate and communicate with their industry partners on digital workplaces. We provide Mission Operational Command as a Service (MOCaaS) and Shared Situational Awareness outcomes. Our integrated, shared visualisation systems allow them to analyse and report on data securely and remotely.

We develop collaborative workplaces for defence contractors who need to work on time-sensitive projects. Our systems are designed to help defence customers also achieve secure data analysis, asset management, content dissemination and advanced mobility.


Secure Networks and Digital Collaboration Systems

Contractors across air, land and sea regularly assume a larger on-the-ground presence. Leading defence contractors have entrusted SecureCloud+ to deploy integrated, secure, remote collaboration workspaces to continue their successful operations. These classified networks and digital workspaces allow organisations to share and collaborate on information with their industry partners in real-time, therefore improving efficiency, saving on time and reducing costs.

Data can be analysed, and content can be disseminated much more efficiently through multi-domain data fusion within these secure systems. We develop these systems with cross-domain interoperability to help our customers access and share data in these spaces securely, regardless of their geographical location. We deal with our customers’ differing security classification requirements, ensuring each system is built to the exact level, including TOP SECRET.

SecureCloud+ also develop intuitive cloud network infrastructure to go alongside these digital workplaces. By integrating secure network access with current systems (Windows, iOS and Android, among others), people who are on-the-go, and do not have access to a static physical premise, can remotely access the data and information they need. Read more about our Advanced Mobility solution.

Through a combination of our widespread industry expertise and advanced technical capabilities, SecureCloud+ make collaboration within defence organisations efficient and proactive.


Read about how SC+ enable the MOD to securely collaborate with Industry partners on the Team TEMPEST programme.


SC+ delivered a Digital Learning Collaboration Service for training audiences across the Joint Force.


The solution enabled the handling and identification of cyber vulnerabilities of classified networks employed by the MoD & OGDs.


SC+ provided an agile team of subject matter experts to design, build and migrate multiple single tenancies onto a multi-tenanted platform incorporating legacy and innovative application services for the MoD.


SC+ provided Air Command with an immersive multi-domain digital workspace for C2.


Read about the ABOVE SECRET private cloud, delivered to support training in the AIRSEEKER programme.

MMIS Secure Working From Home

The Managed Mobile Information Service (MMIS) enables users to securely access data from a registered personal IT device anywhere, at any time.


SC+ implemented a List-X Facility Security Clearance to safeguard UK classified material held by the client.


SecureCloud+ provided a secure communication and collaboration environment to the UK Space Agency, including an Application Hosting Environment.


The Networked Collaboration Service (NCS) from SecureCloud+ enables the real-time sharing of multi-sourced information/content of known (trusted) and open (untrusted) formats to be processed, visualised and disseminated in real-time. This solution was deployed and provided a secure collaboration service enabling the senior management team to bring together multiple streams of information from classified and unclassified sources and visualise in an immersive environment.